Should I Feed My Koi fish in my backyard Pond NOW?

Posted by Scott Brown on Feb 16, 2018 5:17:53 PM

The question is should I feed my Koi fish in my backyard Pond NOW?   As the weather warms up and your fish become more active you may think their hungry, and it’s only natural to want to feed them.  The best advice we can give is BE PATIENT & WAIT.  Koi under water.jpg

This early in the season, the air may feel warm but the water is still cold. Temperature plays a big role in food digestion for your fish. The 

water needs to be above 50 degrees.  If you feed your fish now they may not digest the food properly and this could cause health problems. You will want to wait until the water temperature is above 50 degrees and will stay that temperature or above. If you don’t know what your water temperature is you can buy a thermometer online or at a local hardware store and place it in the water. 

A good rule of thumb is to only feed your fish what they can eat in 5 minutes. Beyond that the food sinks to the bottom and you end up just wasting your fish food.  Also, this can add unwanted nutrients to your pond which could cause an algae bloom or cloudy water.   

Warmer water will soon be here so you can start to feed your fish.


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