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Helpful Tips to Maintain Your Pond in the Fall

Posted by Mark Quesenberry on Oct 23, 2018 5:35:00 PM

Here are some things that you can do to keep your water garden looking good during the Fall season.   

  • Stop fertilizing your aquatic plants when the weather becomes cooler. This lets the plants know the season is coming to an end.
  • You may begin to notice an increasing number of yellow leaves this time of year, its ok to prune them off. Just be sure to trim the dying foliage to 2” above the water level. Your lilies - tropical and hardy - should still be going strong, at least until the first heavy frost.
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What can an Automatic Dosing System do for my pond? 

Posted by Mark Quesenberry on Mar 15, 2018 10:53:31 AM

Have you ever had to ask yourself “Did I add a scoop of beneficial bacteria to the pond this week?”

Are you afraid of adding beneficial bacteria because you don’t want to add too much or too little?

Maybe you didn’t even know that you should be adding at least beneficial bacteria to your pond weekly.

Sadly, many new pond customers we meet don’t know about the benefit of adding a quality beneficial bacteria and other water treatments to their pond

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Yikes - My Pond Has String Algae! 

Posted by Mark Quesenberry on Mar 14, 2018 3:29:28 PM

If you have ever owned a backyard pond then you probably know about string algea. It’s the hairy green mess that grows on your water falls, down your stream and in your pond.  Instead of sitting out on the patio and enjoying your pond, your time is spent walking around and pulling this slimy muck out. Or perhaps adding algaecides weekly to keep it from taking over your pond.

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Is My Pond Leaking? 

Posted by Mark Quesenberry on Mar 12, 2018 1:17:54 PM

We often get phone calls from customer making one simple statement; “I think my pond leaking.” If you have made this call to Damascus Enterprises, then you have either heard or seen this process done before.

Before you Suspect a Leak
If your pond is losing water slowly over time, say an inch every day or every few days, depending on how big your pond is, it could be evaporation. Water is naturally evaporating from your pond every day. How quickly it evaporates is largely dependent on how much water is being circulated through the water feature each hour.

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